Relationships - Beyond Rejection

Open Hand

So many of us, myself included, have experienced rejection or felt rejected (perceived or real) at home, work, school and even during play.  We have grown so accustomed to it we feel like it is just our lot in life. We often feel like we walk around with a sign on our forehead telling the world, "I have been rejected please don't reject me." We have clothed ourselves in it for so long it has become a permanent part of our wardrobe.  We put it on before we leave the house and cover it with an armor that keeps anyone from hurting us further. 

In this series we are going to face the stronghold of rejection, take off the old shackles of what other people think of us, and what we think or ourselves, and walk in the freedom of who Jesus Christ says I am.  And this time not just hear it in our heads, but believe it in our hearts, and walk it out as our new wardrobe and experience, saturated in the power of the Holy Spirit.           

It is time to lay aside every weight and sin that so easily entangles us, so that we can run the race that is set before us. 

Come and join me on this journey, as we are set free together, so we can experience the fullness of Jesus' love for us, and in turn love one another without fear of rejection, because we are secure by faith in the love of Jesus Christ. 


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