Growth Track

Discover your purpose. Make a difference. Each 1-hour Growth Track step provides you with tools to grow into the mission and calling of Jesus in your life. God has a masterpiece mission for your life! You can find it. We can help.

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Week One: Getting Started  

Learn about the mission and vision of Church on the Heights and how the essential message of Jesus is uniquely important for your life.


Week Two: Discovering Purpose  

You were made to make a difference. Discover your GIFTS. Understand your PASSIONS. Comprehend the STORY God is writing through your life. We will guide you through the GPS survey. 


Week Three: Sharing Jesus  

Empowered followers of Jesus lead others to Jesus. You will be introduced to the C.P.R. framework, teaching you a simple approach to help others engage with Jesus.

You are encouraged to complete all three classes in a row. If you miss one, don't worry-- just take it on a future month!


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